Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Birthday I never had

Yesterday was my birthday. I stayed overnight at my aunty's place because my sister came to KL. There was no planning for this year's birthday so there was no special celebration. I walked around Bukit Bintang area with my sister after having Sawarakkian laksa at Bangsar with my uncle, aunty and sister. I got a birthday present from my aunty. It was brown shiny handbag which I really liked. After all that was my only present I got that day. However, I received more than a dozen of sms. Thanks to those who remember my birthday.
My sister gave me a treat at Secret Recipe where the service is so bad they could make an unhappy birthday girl cry. I felt lonely without my bunch of friends. I decided to buy something for myself to console myself but ended up buying bracelets which i plan to give to my friends. If I'm not happy, I can still make other people happy by giving them gifts I guess.

That was a pretty unlucky day for me. I switched my phone with my sister's as the battery of mine went low. I didn't the charger with me and I had to rush back to college by 6.30pm for the PTH rehearsal. It was pouring crazily and the only lucky thing that happened to me was that I had an umbrella with me. Tired and a bit disappointed, I went back alone by public transport. I decided to give myself the bus ticket which printed 1 March 2008 as a souvenir for myself. There goes my 21st birthday, no key, no nothing. Didn't even get a proper dinner with my family members. My sister told me they had Japanese cuisine that night. I had the normal canteen food. Not so bad I thought, at least they cooked chicken, could have been worse. Too bad I had no time to enjoy the food as my sister's phone was locked due to the different simcard it detected. I panicked because I was on-call to go down for the rehearsal. I called her using public phone but she couldn't recall. So I had to make several calls. I was so anxious that time that I confused the sim pin with the phone pin. I ended up locking my simcard as well. Frustrated, I borrowed my friend's phone to call her and ask her to get the PUK number from the telecommunication centre. When I went to the stage, my friends greeted me with "Happy Birthday, sorry, too busy" Well, I understand.

After all the unlucky events, and after finishing rehearsal, I dragged myself back to room. Took a nice shower and plan to take a rest until I hear a knocking. It was Shu Huan. With A BIRTHDAY CAKE! Something I didn't expect. There was only Shu Huan, she said she couldn't sing a birthday song alone so she woke her room mate up to sing along with her. They began with different versions of birthday songs which made me laughed. I was glad, finally my birthday is more like a birthday. After that they left without even having a piece of the cake as they were exhausted. At the meanwhile, I received a call from a senior, Chee Weh.
"Why didn't you come own for the meeting? How can you walk away straight after the rehearsal?"
"Where do you guys have the meeting?"
"At the stage. Come down."
"OK (since my mood is good enough for a meeting already ;D) "
To my surprise, I have another half of a birthday cake! Half because Yee Chia's (my college mother) birthday is also 1st March. Although they said that the cake is bought because there was a 50% discount, because they wanted to give the others a treat for being so hardworking for PTH but we were happy. I was so thankful I wasn't forgotten. In fact, I shouldn't have grumbled about the unhappy events that happened to me earlier on. I'm lucky enough to have a birthday. some people in this world don't even know when their birthday is. They are more concerned if they have food and shelter rather than birthday cakes and presents. I'm ashamed because I complained, why my parents didn't even call me? Instead, I have to call them, not to remind them of my birthday but that their eldest daughter needed some attention. Well, I'm old enough to be able to take care of myself I guess. At least I still have a family. They are healthy and fine, so I really shouldn't complain.

What does your birthday mean to you? A celebration for the day you come to this world? I reflected back, how much I have and how much I've grown. I might not be the luckiest person in this world, but I'm lucky enough to realise that I have a lot. Therefore, I should live happily like everyday is my birthday. If you forgot to give me present on 1st March, you can give me anytime you like 24 hours throughout 7 days per week for the whole year now since everyday is my birthday. It's better late than never ; )


At 10:03 AM, Anonymous job said...

as for me,I just celebrate my birthday with my family?no thanks..

At 3:04 PM, Blogger Shan said...

well...different people prefer different ways of celebration. i'll be grateful as long as someone celebrates with me =) but of course the more the merrier. after all it's a birthday


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