Monday, August 03, 2009

Review on Tenji

Before I forget to blog about one of the things I want to do this semester, let me present my experience eating out at Tenji restaurant. Since don't know when, I fell in love with Japanese food so I would like to explore more Japanese cuisine restaurants which are affordable.
I can't help but to make a bit of comparision. I prefer to eat at Tenji compared to Jogoya because the time they allow us to eat in is longer. The place is more spacious, lighting is just nice. In short, atmospehere is better. Food is being refilled quite frequently too for example, oysters and coconuts. As there was no need to rush, all the food tasted great except for snails. They have flower/fruit tea too but don't serve wine (which I don't mind since wine served at Jogoya was "diluted"). Food variety should be more or less about the same (for lunch). Too bad the desserts were not as good.
Overall, good value for the price since promotional price was much cheaper.
For pictures, please go to my facebook. And sorry, I don't know how to make that "click-here and pop, comes the pictures" thingy happen.


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