Sunday, August 03, 2008

my work

This is the drawing I produced during personality lesson. I received some compliments so I thought why not I put up here for aution. Actually, I planned to post this up onto Curry Egg's blog since she has much more readers than I do but she decided that I'll have to share 50% of what I get with her. Then I started using my fingers to count. If I manage to only sell RM3 for this picture, then my share would be RM1.50. I don't think that can cover the cost of the materials I used, and if I feel thirsty after negotiating with her (regarding the price), I might wana get some drinks that spend that RM1.50. Oh crap. So, I decided that I should just exhibit my masterpiece here...I can't afford beter publicity by posting to a popular blog. Sigh~

The mother of this drawing. Haha...Being inspired by the beads and shiny ornaments which keep falling off due to the not-so-sticky glue I used, I wrote this prose,

Nature designed beauty in a Fashion that

it is made Mortal and Fades with Time,

But the Spirit within Lives till


Everything natural has a cycle and its time. That implies on us too. That butterfly sort of represents me. The shiny ornaments are my jewellery. My appearance may fade over time but the carefree spirit should always live in me. The things that I do, I hope, leave postive impact on other people's live. That is how the spirit may continue living. That applies to everyone. I'm sure all the things you say and do can affect others. Even a smile can leave trace in someone's heart.

I believe life can be as colourful as this painting.


At 12:12 AM, Blogger Joaquin aka Ah Lip said...

nice pic draw by you....hahaha

At 12:29 AM, Blogger Shan said...

haha..thanks, so r u interested to buy? see u so fren, give u special rate ;)


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