Sunday, August 03, 2008

Visit to the art Gallery

This post was supposed to be posted up long time ago when I was having my holiday back in Kuching. due to my "buzyness", can only show some of the pictures now and I totally forget what I want to comment on it. I think it was in early July that I went to the Sarawak Art museum which I have never been to all these years until I saw the banners that there was going to be an exhibition by Sarawakian artists. Being a supportive citizen, I went.

So, this is actually a piece of batik with human figures in it. I think you may also spot a house and guess what they are doing. It is one of the different art I saw.

A dragon-like creature.

View of the gallery.

Chinese-style painting and one of my favourite. Looks so real and lively.

More Chinese paintings.

Also one of my favourite. It's actually a jetty being put together by puzzles of geometrical shapes.

2-in-1. Just like coffee and creamer. Looks at its best when combined although they can be individual paintings.

Wild chicken made of tin.

Trying to act cute but my arms can't bend like that.

Just want to be a piece of art so desparately.


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