Saturday, June 11, 2005


“Happy Dumpling’s Day”(which sounds nicer than Dragon Boat Festival, in my opinion)…I’m not very sure the English name for 端午節 but nevermind ler, enjoy your dumplings and dragon boat racing in memorial of a great patriot and a poet, 屈原
I helped my mum to wrap the dumplings a few days ago. Mine looks like a defect compared to hers. And that was the only dumpling I’d wrapped. Luckily it is just as tasty…yum yum ;D
I’ll share some tips with you:
First, prepare the ingredients like fried chicken with chinese mushroom and some seasoning like black soya sauce, pepper, etc., sweet yam balls, chestnut and even salted egg yolks according to your preference, cleaned, big pandan leaves, strings, oil, garlic and sticky rice.
Second, heat the oil and fry garlic then the sticky rice in a wok.
Then, fold a piece of leaf into a V shape (requires certain techniques so that the rice won’t come out).
After that, stuff in all the ingredients and then cover it with another layer of rice.
Fold the leaf carefully and press the whole thing together (but not too tight because the rice will expand when it’s steamed).
The next step requires some practice too, that is to tie up the dumpling with the string while you have to hold the leaf firm so that it will not open up later.
Last of all,steam it in boiled water.
So, that’s all I’ve learnt about how to make a Hokkien dumpling. There are actually many types of them, it’s only the difference between the filling and the shape of the dumplings.

On the other hand,Sighz,holidays will be over real soon. I’ve still got homework to do…the school’s open day tickets to sell and the jogathon card to be filled up (plus donation to be collected). Tell me if you’re interested (but I somehow doubt that).


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