Sunday, June 05, 2005

luckily i wasn't infected

sorry for my late post again. wow,that's more than a week since my previous post. things happened, people come and go and i try to jot down a few here. i'd like to talk about "infection" the japanese horror (which is not so scary after all). the setting was in a hospital which faced shortage of medical utilities and drugs. doctors and nurses were drained up because they have to work extra since many workers left. after that, you'll have to imagine the storyline climbing upwards....then come to a climax....than solution....yea that's it. dull plus boring...(for a horror)so don't watch it you intended to go into the cinema for a good scream. if you're planning to work in a hospital, you should watch it. first, to boost your courage. second, it's telling you a be responsible to lives and to love your patients (that's what i think the movie maker wants to tell us in the end). and also,it'll help you think in deep of all the problems and dilemmas you might face, the endurance and stress you have to take and so on. so good luck...(i hope i'm not like one of them...the infection in this movie is actually our own mental weakness)
so that's the only movie i've watched in this week.actually i wanted to see house of wax but the timing does not cope with mine. and i hvn't seen star wars...and madagascar. that's all for movies...will tell bout the BBQ at barry's place some time soon.


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