Thursday, July 07, 2005

Happy go Lucky still...

There was this science exhibition at school for the past 2 days. It was enjoyable because I got to work in the lab, mainly to test visitor’s colour-blindness. Besides that, there were “stress test”, “Brain test” and demonstration of cutting a white mouse and a very, very ,very (until infinity) cute rabbit which was such a poor thing that it had to die so young just to let students see it’s digestive system and how sad because I liked it sooooo MUCH! ‘Brain test’ was an interesting one as I’ve always like the brain and wonder how it works. So the results was that I’m using 54% of my right brain, 46% of the left (meaning that I’m slightly more towards artistic than logical thinking); I’m more of a visual person than auditory. Being playful (as I’ve always been),I hang around in the other labs besides the Bio lab. There were Physics, Maths and Chemistry which happened to be the most happening lab of all. Our class shown ‘Burning Paper with Ice’ and ‘Magical Mixture’. The first one was actually using the reaction between sodium peroxide and water which releases heat that is big enough to burn the toilet paper. Non science students and juniors are amazed though. My hands were contacted to the alkalyne as result of not using gloves which made them so uncomfortable. I ended up having itchy hands…hoho… I was suppose to take care of the colour-blindness test but I can always leave it to my group members =p that I actually went to the physics lab to chat with Jess and the others. I met some of her classmates who were Bumi but speak Mandarin and Hokkien. I was surprised when they sang a chinese song, “Tong Hua”….haha…their pronunciation was accurate….even I don’t know how to sing the whole song (don’t know the lyrics). It was fun cause I met a lot of funny and friendly people. But I was missing out lessons. Bio test todays sucks. I’m worrying about my position in the class now because all of my classmates seem to be like rajin-rajin dan bijak-bijak belaka. I’m gonna be deadmeat…sighZ!~
It's my "ex-husaband", Owens birthday today. So since, I'm updating today, will just leave the birthday wish here for him. p/s the inverted commas i use to quote ex-husband means that it's just crap....people who know us well know lar...


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