Friday, July 10, 2009

An odd hangout place of mine

Just a few days ago, I was complaining about all the bad luck I was experiencing. Besides the crowded room, I was chosen as the floor rep without my consent. Then, I went to the library to borrow some academic books but the system was down so we were only allowed to borrow 2 books. That made me look like a fool when I carried the whole big pile of books to the counter and was laughed by the librarian. Great, not like I was informed.
This morning I went again and the system recovered! I was so happy that I couldn't stop giggling. Happy because I get to borrow MORE books...yeah~

It's not just about borrowing books from the library, I like to hang out in the library for no reason. Perhaps I like its clamness and quietness (although it can be spoilt by some users who apparently do not know about the etiquettes of using a library sometimes). If I'm really lucky enough, I still get to spot some handsome guys :D Well, I don't think I've come across any handsome guys in my faculty, unless they're passerbys (that's why so happy). But that's one of the small small attractions only. What do I do in the library? Read newspapers, journals, looking up for books and sometimes only. I don't do revision there because during study week it's too crowded. I like it when it's quiet and spacious.

One of the things I do. Lazy to copy, so just snap the pages I want.

I think I have fallen in love with the library, for no reason. Perhaps I like the smell of the books?Sniff sniff and I might be wiser, haha! Or maybe the books in UM's library can be so old they sometimes look like mysterious treasure to me. I don't know. Usually I borrow many books, the maximum is ten and I put good use to it. The part where I have to carry all the books back to college can be quite challenging because they're really heavy, maybe up to 6 kilograms (or more). I have spoiled a few bags due to that. You may think I'm really hardworking and book-loving, do you? Erm...I probably enjoy the process of finding out the books and sit on the library floor and carrying that big pile back from the library more interesting. I barely have the time to finish all the books. I've been spending more than half of my time in Uni joining activities and attending meetings. Other than that, I go out to relax (shop and eat).

Sitting on the floor between racks of books, taking down the call number of the book.
Nevermind if I cannot finish all these books, I can just read the summary :D and some times I regret not being able to finish the books until exam's over. How to pass exams without reading books? Erm...selective reading+ common sense+ being attentive in class?

The shell featured in this picture is REAL. The one printed on the cover of the book looks like its reflection, doesn't it? And that's what I do with the books. Not only are they readable, they're multi-purpose.

It's weird I don't have any pictures of the library since I like it so much. This pic is stolen from the official website. It's too small though. I used to have a pic of its interior which is smokey. I suspect part of it was on fire. Where's that photo?

Well, this is the only one I can find. Even that, the library becomes the background.


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