Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Here I Am

Here I am in my room.
I'm not so sure if this is my room.
No possession is eternal, they can never be mine forever.
Life sucks when there are too many uncertainties.
But here I am, at the corner of this room
At least I have a bit of my privacy.
Some of my room mates don't even have a bed, I'm considered lucky.
I hadn't been smiling so much this few days,
I hope this is the only reason why I have been a little moody.
I've even thought of moving out.
till then, I tell myself, perhaps I've never really liked this place because of its population density
wifi problems, water shortage, break-ins, and now,
we are cramped as if we're in a refugee camp.
It's really ridiculous, that this is somehow due to RMK-9 .
There's nothing they can do,
so we're suppose to change our habits to adapt to this situation,
This is just one of the most filthy reasons they use to shut us up.
Talk about a student's rights?
I'm to tired for all this.
I just want a peace of mind and think of all the wonderful things that are ahead of me.


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