Tuesday, July 07, 2009

After that, putting things aside...

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OWEN!!!

Just happen that I get to blog after such a long time and my trip Sabah and what a coincidence it's Owen's birthday. I am a little free tonight, so free that I read Kenny Sia's blog. I'm not his fan but read it like not more than 5 times in a year? Some of his fans are surely quite devoted, they almost write an essay in their comments.
That's the free time part.
Lecture started on Monday. Got assignments flowing in already. What am I going to do this semester. Feel so free, yet so busy, a mixture of complicated feelings. I feel like I'm younger? haha...less responsibilties? Oh yeah~ Let the 2nd year students do all the things I've done...YES YES YES!!! Although I sometimes can't help but still grip on to them. Ok...cool girl, cool.
There's always resolution for a new year, so here's my sem's resolution. Will inspect this list after the sem.

1. Enjoy life. (not that I had not been enjoying life but I just want to be happier)
2. Trip Penang or Melaka
3. Have meal at Tenji
4. Remain in the dean's list
5. Join Mensa
6. Meditate more
7. Jog/ do some sports at least thrice a week for at least half and hour
8. Buy myself a decent wallet and bag, best if they match : )
9. Fight chapped lips and fatigue
10. Produce at least one academic article
11. Again, read more books
12. Earn some money so that I get buy myself a decent camera
13. Oh, I almost forget...to be a nice senior : )
Some people dislike the number 13, but I'm fine with it, so I'm not gona cut or add in.

Erm, look more like a to-do-list to me...ah, well...basically that's more than enough of what I could do within this semester while I'm here. At least I don't feel purposeless, right? Oh yeah, should join a great Christmas party too! But before that, I have to look for volunteers...clients for my counselling sessions. Anyone? It's totally FREE :D (ok, I know it doesn't sound as attractive as the Mega Sales or free facial and massage by professional beauty salons, maybe...)
OK...that's part and parcel of what I could think of now, will continue next time.


At 7:51 AM, Blogger big_buggy said...

thanks haha hmmm trip to malacca or penang...

At 10:48 AM, Blogger Shan said...

welcome ;) u had fun? ya...a getaway to good food..hehe


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