Thursday, May 14, 2009


Jogoya trip. I was a little disappointed because the choice of sushi is not as much as I expected. Dessert was the best though. Well, let the pictures do the talking shall we?

I started off with this refreshment.Thai fragrant coconut. Nice. It's not too sweet nor too filling. Haha...good for me so that I have space to fill my stomach with some better food.
Seafood miso. cery nice to my liking (I picked the ingredients myself :p )
Spider crab. It's one of the VIP food. I did not actually own the VIP card. One nice aunty who queued in front of me offered to lend me her card so that we could enjoy the meal. She was such a nice person. And thanks to her, we also got to enjoy lobsters. As we were too hungry at the firts place, we finished it before we had the time to take a picture of it.
After eating all the seafood, I decided that I should start tasting the desserts. There were cakes and mochis and more...
TaDA~ pudding, cookies, fruits and the one I've have been long waiting for: Haagen Dazs Ice-Cream~ yumyum... I really regretted that I did not take a few more scoops. I was too full then and in case something goes wrong with my stomach, how am I suppose to go back and continue revising Mental Health for tomorrow's test?

Finally, got to the taste the red wine as my final drink before we leave the restaurant. Something's wrong with it. I suspect that it's diluted with water because it's so bland that I can drink the whole glass in one goal. June was so afraid that I might get drunk but I guess alcohol concentration was at its minimum (due to the dilution).
A photo of the two girls who wanted to make legend for having a big meal the day before Mental Health final exam which was taught by our very respected Profesor Suradi. I got a B something in his previous subject and I just got my most recent results a few days ago. Woo~ I got an A. But I doubt how I could have done that, seriously. I didn't even finish reading the textbook that night after Jogoya. *guilty but relieved*

Another picture outside the restaurant.
Well, I think I ate a lot (ok, maybe not as much as the girls next table. Despite how thin and pretty they are, they can really eat) so it's worth back my money amounted RM40++ during the promotion. I mean, 2 scoops of Haagen Dazs ice-cream is worth RM20++ already, not to mention all the seafood and desserts I've had. I think the best Japanese food was grilled Unagi. I think I had 2 plates of those. And I ate a lot of salmon too :D Other than that, I just tasted a bit of here and there. The cheese baked escargot was pretty bad though. I still prefer those served at The Ship. Those I had that day was too dry like the snails were imported from the great Sahara desert. But towards the end, the desserts had enlighten my day...I LOVE SWEET FOOD, YUMMY~ too bad, I was really full at that point. Seriously, I'm not the right person to enjoy buffet. I rather enjoy fine food with less amount. But for people who have bigger appetites, it'll be really worthit.



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