Saturday, May 16, 2009

First week of holiday usually spells B.O.R.E.D....

Looks like internet connection doesn't allow me to upload my pics to my blog. Argh!~ I despise the speed of connection at home (although I used to complain about the broadband signals in campus which "disappear" sometimes). Well, I guess all I need is patience...and more patience...since I've still got time during holidays, might as well plan something else which is beneficial.
Tomorrow will attend a talk about investment. Looking forward to it cause there's definitely something new I can gain. Lately, I'm into business and financial topics. Probably due to the boredom I get from this one-week holiday (so far), I'm starting to develop new interests again.

People who are in Kch...WHERE ARE YOU GUYS? or probably, you guys are not back yet. Sigh~
After the talk tomorrow, I'll be heading to places with people/crowd and try to make new friends. Now I realise, how important friends are. They keep me alive. Now, I'm like half dead. Oh well, not to forget my work (being 2 secretaries, one vice president, one unit head, a participant of all sorts of events, assignments and a responsible (ok, will reconsider this adjective) student at the same time) which really drives me into severe "busy-ness" but is very enjoyable.

I guess I still cannot recover from my busy lifestyle in campus, being too free just make me anxious. That just makes me wonder, am I a workaholic? Right now, I'll just get a sleep and stop all these wonderings.



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