Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Bike Trip to Damansara

Went to Damansara with Poh Fen last Saturday. It was a wonderful experience. Will have the pictures do the description.
Firstly, we had dinner at Ikea.

Self-service but I was honoured to have been served by Poh Fen :p


It's the beef ball with chips. The sauce taste super great! And this is the first time I eat french fries with strawberry jam. I thought it would be wierd but tasted perfectly delicious. Btw, you get 5 beefballs with chips for RM5, 10 for RM 10. Hence, if you'd like more chips, may order 2 plates of 5 beefballs. 10 is just nice for dinner.

Smoked salmons. Looks better than its taste. RM 15.90. We wish it had more sauce. And yes, I agree with Poh Fen, salmon tastes better in Japanese restaurants in the form of sashimi :)

After dinner, we stroll around because we had nothing better to do. Some cute soft toys. They can be weird (can't tell what animals they are).

This one can make a good bolster. It's long.

Haha...funny creature.

Poh Fen loves this one. Erm...I think it needs anti-aging cream to clear away its wrinkles though.

Kids' corner. This boy is really cute. :)

This girl acting cute... I love this teddy bear which costs RM300++
Acting cute again?

Oh, I just love those pinkish bedrooms. Match with my cardigan so well that I feel like the room was mine at instance. I decided to take the picture to make it mine forever....ah~

This one is even pink-ER! I like!!!

I think my future room shall look something similar to this. Simple and sweet (and has to be spacious to store my stuff).

The room Poh Fen like most. It's a little more "masculine" due to it's simplicity. idea what this is. Just some toy I guess or maybe decoration.
A clean and comfortable kitchen. Like the waterlilies a lot.
It's claimed that Ikea's furniture are durable. For the chair, it can be seated 30 times per day and lasts for at least ten years. Sounds like a good investment.
Saw this as I exit. I doubt that as they can't count me in. I mean no matter how nicely designed the cupboards are, I can still be very DISORGANISED.
Outside the building. I'd love to have this in my garden some day.
Nice set up.

I want this in my balcony where I can sit there and look up into the sky and sipping a cup of hot drink while listening to some soft music. I think I need a BIG balcony when I have my own house...hahaha.
After that, we discovered this. WooHoo~ no image one looking pun...
I become a "bulb". Alright, I forgot how old I was...Seriously, sometimes I still thought I'm still 21. I lose count of my age occasionally. That's how bad my Maths is.

My tauke nio. The Hot girl who rides motorcycle and brings me to makan angin :D And did I mention? This is the highlight of this whole post!
Our next desitination after Bandar Utama, Mont Kiara... Tada~Solaris! Well, something stupid occured here. While this area is mainly for the higher-income groups (who are unlikely to ride motorcycles most probably), we (2 adventurous, currently-don't-have-car-in-KL girls) were having some problems looking for a place to park the vehicle. Takkanlah park next to the Porche or Ferrari?
Just then, we spot a place where there were several motorcycles. Wah, we were so happy but couldn't find a way up cause it was on a pedestrian. Poh Fen then drove around to figure how to park at that place. Suddenly, she reversed and exclaimed, "I saw the slope to get up already!" Wow, I was also very happy because we can finally park the motorcycle and then start exploring the place! So, we went up...rode by and passed TEN shoplots and also several passerbys until we reach the parking site and realised that there was another slope near that parking place.
-_-" sweat, and embarassed (after riding on the pedestrian from one end to the other) because customers from one of the restaurants looked at us, puzzled.
Ah well, nevermind about the stupidity. We found the place...TENJI!!! The place we're going to have our lunch on 31st of July!!! Hooray~ *forgets the embarassing incident that just occured*
Nice view over there actually. Ideal for couples too.

I kind of like this but the lights somehow doesn't allow me to take a nice picture with it.

Looks like a romantic cafe. Has a very sentimental atmosphere.

I like the signboard.

Wall of one restaurant.

After that, we toured few other places such as Sri Hartamas,Bukit Damansara, got lost in some places which we have no idea where and finally Bangsar and back to UM. I really enjoyed the ride at night because there were so few cars and I got to look at people driving with a clearer view. Spot some handsome drivers too :D Poh Fen wanted to faint when I told her that LOL~ ok, maybe they pass by so quickly that I perceive so many of them as "handsome".
Also, people look at us too. They may find female motorcyclists rare I guess. And this is so far the longest trip I have on a motorcycle. I think the record will only be broken if we ride to Melaka...hohoho. In fact, this marks one of my wackiest experiences in UM. I couldn't help but to smile non-stop because I was over-excited in spite of me I bumping along with the motorcycle several times as I didn't hold on tight and that the helmet I wore was actually too big for me, lucky that I didn't fly off...what a night!


At 10:16 AM, Blogger sjune said...


there's a blogger named xiaxue, her room is the pinkest of all

next time show u pictures

At 1:33 AM, Blogger Shan said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 1:44 AM, Blogger Shan said...

I like soft pinks, not the loud and bright ones. A bit of pink will be good enough for me but I like too many colours. I hope I can have my house couloured in different colours. I want violet and white too! haha...

At 1:47 AM, Blogger Shan said...

Oh, I also just realise how all these colours blend so well into the layout of my blog :D

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