Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well, we've seen many twins before but what about triplets? The chance is 1 in 8100. I'm not sure if I have known 8100 people but this is one of the historical days in my life...the first time I meet this three brothers altogether. They've surprised me when they were asking my co-workers about educational information during one of our activities in SMK Chung Hua Klang. I was done with my work at that time so I listened to the others. Just as I was observing the conversation between one of the brothers and my friend, another turned to me and I was surprised and couldn't help but to to say to my other friend "Look, they're twins!". Then the third brother turned to us and we shouted "TRIPLETS!!!"
So, here they are. I am the only person who got to take a shoot with them because we were actually running out of time then. Lucky me! Haha... (laughs victoriously)


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