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I'd probably be saying very little of these few lines because I'm not going home this New Year. Not 1st of January, but 26th February this year, Chinese New Year, the most significant celebration for a Chinese...and especially a Chinese like me who used to complain about how much troubles (i.e. spring cleaning, shopping in congested malls, lots and lots of preparations and chores) the festive celebration can bring and finally come to realize how much I longed for it. It's really very awkward for me to be in front of my laptop blogging at this time if I were already back in hometown. I'd be sleeping and snoring like a pig afer helping my mum cleaning up or baking cookies.

I want my Chinese New Year to be a bit merrier. I don't want to sit in front of my laptop playing stupid games or worse typing letters for others. I don't want to work or plan what I want to do after the one week holiday. I don't want to worry about my assignments and activities. I just want a nice Chinese New Year celebration...

Right now, I don't even care if I have to wash the floor, arrange the littles things at home, bake cookies and listen to dozens of Chinese New Year songs (I used to hate them and my ex-room mates know it well).

well, will not be able to pass my cny at home this year..haha, but we talk bout really a lot in the room,haha, this is wat we talk yesterday in my room with both of my roomates.

me: i think A doesn't like cny as much as we like.
A: (comes in n heard the radio which was playing CNY song) oh no, i dun like cny
B: u know Cny is really fun.
A: is just that we need to work a lot before that, just for that few days, really dun like it
me: but that is the fun part
A: well, still dun really like it
thn me n B starts talkng bout the cny
well, it never have pass my head that there is someone who actually dun really like cny....hmm..... never think of it

(extracted from Huey Ye's blog without permission but I hope she won't mind)

Obviously, I'm miss "A".

A few days ago, I keep on asking my current room mate, Bibiana to play CNY songs. I bought myself a red shirt so that I can wear it on the first day of CNY (I wore turqoise and black last year on the first day)

Look at those two sweet girls next to me...they're in red. Yes, don't take me as a colourblind for not choosing to wear red on the first day of CNY.

Isn't it ironic? Start to miss something which I did not appreciate in the past. I think it's a lesson for me. I just don't want to be the Crinch ---Grinch's sister who attempted to steal CNY instead of Christmas. Now, I'm thinking of how much fun I' would have had if I'm at home. I miss the atmosphere and my friends there. I miss all the little little things from the junkfood, decorations, gambling...Oops~ and all the house visiting activities...OH WAIT!!!! ANG PAU!!!! How can I forget THAT??? Tonight I'll be dreaming of thousands of angpaus, falling from the sky on me...ah~


At 1:33 AM, Anonymous kc chai said...

haha.... hw cum u hav 2 spend ur cny holiday in campus oh??? anything to be buzy wit? o cnt make it to grab a an air tket??? holy... keng oh tat pig head issue, hw is the cases nw? stil in process searching suspect?

At 10:42 AM, Blogger Shan said...

haha...will update later bout my CNY break.
That issue ar...actually im not so sure also, mb will dig more info from others :p so 38 hor?

At 12:12 AM, Anonymous kc said...

hahah... tat nt callled 38, just concern too current issue n surrounding ma..... hahahha

At 2:46 PM, Anonymous ping said...

heyz... i thought i was very cham coz i go bec just in time for reunion dinner... manatau u more cham than me... wakakakaka...


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