Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I've only realised that I have not been updating my blog since one month ago. Time flies...and the speed is especially fast when you have a list of chores to do everyday. Another assignment to be submitted, one essay to be passed up and many more little things. The most important thing is....exam is coming in less than two weeks. Before that there's a small test on Thursday.

Put aside all those, I went to Stadium Putra to see the Peace Celebration of Global Peace Festival. It was great overall except the gimmick and the speech delivered by the director of GPF in Malaysia (he was actually shouting). There were dances (hip-hop dances and multicultural dances), performances by local artistes and the Malaysian Drum Symphony and many more. And this is the first time I to sing "Negaraku" along with the National's Military Band LIVE...it felt great (and just they look smart as seen on TV)! It's totally different when you sing it with the recorded version. You can really feel the atmosphere and young people from different countries gathering together with an awareness to promote peace to the world. It's sort of heart felt and you'll feel there's a strange connection between each of us although we don't really know each other. Besides, I got to take picture with a really cute Thai guy. Will show his picture some time..hehe. And also, meeting the Malaysian's first astronaut (even though from far) is such a satisfaction. Gosh~he is just too handsome to be an astronaut!!!

OK...guess it's stop here. Got other stuff to do...will share the pictures some time later.


At 4:46 PM, Anonymous kc said...

wooo, evday packed fully ho, add oil n take k yo...... hahahhaha, the dr shyek ha, he is model oso beside his job as doc leh.....

At 10:31 PM, Blogger Shan said...

i didn know he was a medical doctor..i thought he probably got a doctorate degree that's all but..din really go into his biography haha. neways, thanks for your encouragement


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