Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm so so sorry this is such a late post. I havn't been blogging since the past few weeks although many things happened. Partly due to the speed of wifi...which is really slow here (problems with nearby ports) and also my laptop which is most of the time hidden (so that it won't get stolen in case someone breaks in).

Many things happened. I toured part of the city centre with Huey Ye, Siew Li and Saki (a japanese friend), went to a meditation camp, underwent the campus election...

and I just found a picture of the incident. Well, I don't really like to write bout politics and some more there are reports everywhere. Read it, but don't have to believe everythings. So, here's a link to one of the blogs which has the picture of the very famous incident. "Animal head at a holy place"

I hope the title is not too explicit otherwise my blog will be flooded with readers who are overexcited with the topic. Reports are reports, they may not sound very judgmental BUT, people will always judge them with their own values. I can't be that neutral as well. Well, I really don't know who did that, but that person or group of people is/are too much that I can call he/her/them terrorist(s) or extremist(s). There are just too many possibilities like who did it and why? Probably related to the campus' politics or politics in general; probably done by the pro or the anti party; probably done by people who can access the holy place or those intruded the place and accidentally dropped something which they shouldn't have; also we don't know how the person/people look(s) like: big eyes? small eyes? big nose? small nose? Thick lips? Thins lips? tall? short? fat? thin? dark? fair?......

Whoever it is, I TOTALLY disagree with it as it's really a humiliation to the religion. What's the different between that person (assuming there's only one person involved) and a terrorist? He's/she's rampaging others' peace of mind and especially when it invloves a place of holy where people pray. No one would like to be a victim of such an incident. Not only that, it's a disgrace to the people of his/her kind because his/her behaviour simply portray how crude and hostile that person is. I don't know about others but I definitely will not want to be anyhow be related to such a person. Who knows what I'll get if I said or did something wrong to him/her and then find gross stuff in my room. I think this is just too dramatic, it's really a very creative way to insult people (the only credit I can think of) but still, hard to digest.


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