Monday, December 29, 2008

Another Day as A Refugee

I just cleaned my room but I am going to stay for another night at my coursemate's room. My room mates were not back yet and I heard that the site workers who are foreigners have the keys to our room. OH NO~ what if I wake up in the middle of the night realising that there's one hairy man sitting next to me giggling? Oh, that's just too scary. Besides that, I loss an amount of money. I don't know how much exactly but there's no money left in my locker now. Luckily my account book which was unintentionally left behind was still there. Now that my locker is spoilt, I can't lock it and I've got no privacy at all. Grr...
There corridor and toilets are really dirty. Now, I can understand what they mean by "meningkatkan taraf hidup" the living standards of students who live in the hostel really needs to be increased. There are dead cockroaches, lizard waste and all the creepy insects you can name. I cleaned the room for a few hours and before I move in tomorrow. Before I left the room, I spray lots and lots of lemon deodorizer into the space of the room. It's actually a substitute for mosquitoe killer. I couldn't get a Ridsect or Shieldtox, so I thought maybe AmbiPur can be useful. Yap, I sprayed it straight into the mosquitoes which flies in my way HAHA... Hopefully all the insects will leave my room due to the almost saturated with zesty lemon atmosphere in the room. That's insect buster minus the unpleasant smell. So, tomorrow, I'll be counting mosquitoes which faint on my floor.


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