Wednesday, May 04, 2005

sorry for making u wait

Wondering why I’ve not been updating my blog these days? It’s because I’m not connected to the internet.
Why didn’t I come online? Simple, because I didn’t put my hands on the computer.
And that’s because I’ve fallen sick. I caught a flu and have a terrible sorethroat right now. I don’t want to spread viruses all over. I was so concern that you guys might get infected as well until I realised that this is just an atrocious excuse I gave myself for being lazy to update my blog.
Sorethroat’s so bad that I sound alike Donald Duck. Whenever I speak accidentally get a little bit enthusiastic, I tend to get off from the normal note of my chord. It’s like the bass going on high pitch, it sounds very the funny. My students (the 2 whom I give tuition to) laughed throughout the session whenever I spoke. I tried my best not to scold them because I couldn’t. If I had done that, their laughters would’ve gone wilder.
I hate to lose my voice. It’s one of my most valuable possesion. I hate it when I hear some nice songs on the radio but I can’t sing along as my singing is going to ruin the art. I hate it when I wanna scream but it tuned out. I hate it when I laugh but I sound like a goose.I hate it most when people laugh at my voice.
I mean, hey, what’s so funny lar? Wait till the day you have a sorethroat, I’ll laugh at you non-stop, I swear. Argh~ it’s so suffering, when will it end?

So, back to my life. Enough of all the repetitions “I hate”. My mum brought me to get my new uniform, Form 6 uniform. I look extremely dull in that. Nah, who doesn’t? it’s not gonna be a fashion show or what anyway. And my “white” shoes are no longer white, they’ve turned yellow. Ouhh…it’s looks so bad after a hibernation in my cupboard. I’m not planning to get a new pair YET. Who knows if I’m lucky enough to get the JPA scholarship or what…hehe… (it’s always good to have dreams). In that way, I can save money. Checking at the calendar, it’s less than 2 weeks when Form 6 starts. I’m not very prepared yet. Guess I’ll have to hunt for the textbooks soon.
By the way, I remember Ping told us that the namelist of those going to Form 6 will be out tomorrow. I wish I don’t have to go (with a voice like this).


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