Friday, May 06, 2005

Dog Phobia

There is a kind of four-legged animal which freaks me a lot. It’s a very common mammal we see everywhere. And I mean dogs. Can you believe this? I’m afraid of dogs, even though they’re cute. I’m scared of them if they come in a gang and look at me like “I wanna bite you”. This is my worst confession of the year I guess. I was kind enough to help my neighbour out by distributing flyers house by house. You know, there are many dogs in those housing area.
The sun was shining brightly on my face. It felt hot. I saw many types of houses, inserted the flyers into all sorts of mailboxes. I don’t know the effectiveness of this marketing strategy but I was assured when some people actually read it straight after I put the flyer into the mail box. At least my effort wasn’t wasted. My neighbour and another aunty then dropped me at one of the streets as they proceeded to another. To my horror, the sky turned grey. And out of the bush came Leong’s car. Surprised, he asked why I was there. And surprised too, I asked him why he appeared at somewhere like that. I guess he was more surprised though. He kindly offered me to eat out with he and his friend. Too bad I was on duty, I could have just sneaked off. I watched his car went off when I felt the first drip of water on my head. Oh no! where are they (my neighbour and the aunty)? I looked around and regretted that I didn’t took my neighbour’s handphone number. Soon, it poured. But I found them. That didn’t mean that work had come to an end. I was given an umbrella to continue. Walao eh…so cham, man. I was totally soaked despite the pity shelter the umbrella gave me. I could have been eating somehwere with my gang (the plan was cancelled because I couldn’t make it) or watching TV at home enjoying the cool weather BUT there I was, working in the rain. Luckily they put me in the rain for only a few minutes. They soon decided to leave. I doubt if I can recover real soon. I had
a minor headache when I reached home.

I quickly bathed once I got home. The worse thing is to come. My mum thought I had
eaten so she left nothing for me. I ended up eating Kolok Mee at Sekama when my dad came home. He guided me while I drove. Still not positive bout my driving skills. Think I’ll have to wake up early and drive them to jog again tomorrow morning. I’ve been off for a several days already, since I fell ill.

And you know what? Remember I once blogged bout the Indian man who told me he wanted to commit suicide? OMG, he wasn’t died yet. How do I know? Because he called me again. Not this time. I’m not gonna answer his call again. What a nightmare!


At 11:14 PM, Blogger LaZineSS懶惰蟲 said...

luckily u din answer his fone :D if not i dunno wat will happen to u :x

At 12:24 AM, Blogger shan said...

but after that ler...he called again, using different number...n i answered. luckily sounded much "senseful" . aiya...i also duno how to get rid of him ar...jz don let he kacau me agn enuff liao...that one time conversation was like hell oledi


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