Sunday, June 29, 2008

No more Football Craze like last time

The final match of Euro 2008 will be on Malaysian time 30th June, 2.45am. I’m so glad that my favourite team, no other than Spain made it to the final. Yeah!~ I feel so sorry that I missed out all the matches before, but not the final one. I’m going to sleep early tonight so that I can wake up in time to watch the team in action. Germany is also a fine team, so it is going to be an interesting match. I can’t wait!

I don't how I could be so crazy in the years before. I followed nearly every match from the day World Cup starts especially in form 3 during World Cup 2002. When I got back home from school at 2pm, the forst thing I did wasn't eat nor bathe.It has got to be Football time! Sometimes, I watched until I got late to tuition. In school, we forecasted the results and pasted a big football poster (which belonged to Tua Pao Lip) with the latest results on the notice board next to me in form 6. It was a wonder the prefects never question it, I think they themselves peeped at our attractive poster. I was the "Penolong Ketua Ceria Kelas" that time some more.

Basically, I’m not a football fanatic but girls watching football matches has one common thing with guys watching beauty pageant contests. One important factor that makes me support Spain is its handsome yet skillful players. Most teams have one or two good looking players but Spain’s players are averagely handsome, kakaka. Although looks won’t help the players in the game when two teams tie, it is a bonus element that attracts female watchers. It’s not really the spirit of sports. Football fans may scold me or call me shallow but I can’t be penalized for admiring the good-looking faces and muscular bodies during a game, right? A good game will always be a good game and sports will always have rules to be followed. If the handsome guy is a lousy player, he should change his career instead. Like I say, it’s just a BONUS, the match is the main thing.

I bet I’ll have to go to work with panda eyes again the next morning but it’s worthwhile. By the way, it’s my last day with Esprit, the Spring tomorrow. I think I’ll miss all my colleagues there. Ah, time flies.


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