Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Just in case you all have thought that I have been kidnapped by aliens to outter space, I can inform you that I'm still alive on this piece of land called UM. I have some other problems like which I faced last semester and one of them is difficulty in accessing the internet from my hostel. Besides, I don't have extra/leisure time to update my blog because I'm experiencing sleep deficit. I wish I have 2 more hours of sleep per day to reach my target of sleeping for a sufficient 8 hour per day. On top of that, I need one rest day just to sleep till the sun shines on my face, or I can go shopping from day till night, or just doing nothing in my room but to relax and surf the net or maybe loiter in the campus, or even half a day just to go out for a movie or to pasar malam? How can those sound so far from reach? Waking up later than 8.30am is some luxurious activity I can't afford (including on Saturday and Sunday).
To cross out my list, my faculty's interaction day was over, our group found an instrument we could use on our reasearch later, 2 journal articles on research methodology had been submitted (but not the analysis of it, yet), what is in the queue?
UM education counselling group's freshies' night tonight 7.30pm, MT meeting for CCC also tonight at 11pm, public speaking on Thu, readings on pcychoanalysis theories, sorting of Chinese residents' biodata forms for college, division of all Chinese residents into their respective families is other task and planning for all of the activities to come throughout the year.

Well, that's still a lot. I just wish that I can sleep till 9.30am this Friday. Just this day.


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