Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More than a book...

Currently stuck in front of my laptop counting down the last few minutes to 21st of May. It's not a birthday...not some great celebration...but the due date of my library books which I brought back to Kch and plan to read them over the long, long, long break. Looks like internet explorer just couldn't display the website of the University's Library...okay...that means....47 days late if a miracle doesn't occur. I even asked 3hui to help me check on the website but also gets the same results. Great, been very generous to the library all this while...keep paying fines.

At least this time I remembered the due date an hour earlier instead of many days later. The library should be gaining a lot of profit if all the students are like me. Can I just blame the server or what? No matter how I complain, it's all useless. Some librarians' attitude towards their clients (i.e. students, they don't really respect us as users) is terrible until one extend I think it's not worth mentioning. Don't they know that without the annual fees and fine we pay, they're jobless?

Maybe, it's just my fault for being too dependent/trusting on technology. Now, I'll just make sure I fully utilise those books. I can read them, use them to fan myself during such hot weathers, pretend that they're cushion and sit on them, dish some trash like orange skin or nails before throwing it into rubbish bin, flap mosquitoes and flies till death, arrange them like arranging "Legos", using them as defending weapons when I go out (since crime rates are so high) by throwing them vigorously towards the criminal etc. See how much a book can do, even without the need to destroy them. Who says books are meant to be read? A book, is more than that.

18 minutes past 12am. ok, will discover more usage of a book soon. Stay tune for more useful tips.


At 12:22 PM, Blogger ҜЄhz ^^**Ψ**♀♂ said...

haha... late again is it?? haha... same as me la.. can't renew my books too..
so all we need to do now is prepare enuf $$ to pay the libraby o.... ^^
argh.. ~!~! my $$ fly.... sob. sob..

At 3:39 PM, Blogger Shan said...

oh...i cant believe we're experiencing the same thing. my money...flying without wings...*sob*


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