Sunday, April 06, 2008

This is a belated birthday post (first part) attributed to Kah Chun and Kit Meng. The outting and celebration was fun. This is the first time I got enjoy TGI Friday's food. It's scrumptious.
I think this is the first steak I've ever had in KL. Surprising right? What to do, students like us rely on loans, must not overspend. So, can pamper myself once in a while only.

The birthday boy and girl had to stand on chairs so that their friends could take photoes more easily. I think all the guests in the restaurant knew it was their birthday ;-D

That was the second birthday cake which contains liquor. We had one at 12am in college.

Look what the birthday guy got? Seems like he's really proud of it... The size? Ngenge...Don't know...wasn't me who bought it.

Think he got too high after eating the cake that contained alcohol so he danced like no one's around :-p

After dinner, we took a stroll at One Utama to promote digestion.

These are the pictures we took after Andrew and Wah Ching felt so embarassed sitting on the benches that face the lingerie shops each time we take a rest while waiting for the other girls. It can't be a coincidence why the benches are all set facing the lingerie shops, right?
So, the guys decided to go downstairs as there was a car show before ladies walking out of the lingerie shops hit them with their handbags or umbrellas.

I find this the nicest looking.

But I don't have that much money so I can only afford the smaller one lor...even got my own car plate and key already ;-D

Haha...I felt so comfortable inside, the position of the seat is just right that I could drive off straightaway.
I drove on and on in the shopping complex until I saw this sign which attracted my attention...

WOW~That's equivalent to an emergency stop sign!

Brazillian wax? I presume that hurts @_@

Then, I decided to get out of the car because there were hotter stuffs.

Woo~guess where Malaysia is on this eco-bra? geography not that bad la ho? I think guys who dislike geography will be interested if the teachers use this stimulation...erm, I mean teaching simulation in class...hoho

However, this is not my type la...

This is much better...looks so sophisticated that I feel like wearing it as my wedding gown in the future...
Oops~ rahsia terbocor... *_*

The one I love most is the one on the right. Sexy~

And you must take a look at the photo of the designer!!! Don't be surprise if the designer is a guy as all the designers are GUYS (since they understand what they want from women most).
But you really got to have a look at this particular designer! handsome yet talented!!!
If only he is my future husband... Then, he can design more of these for me! Hahahahahahahahaha *can't control but I'm too excited to think of this*


It'll be my honour to wear them
ONLY IF I've got a hotter body...

Like this? you know some counselling students may be really bad at editting pictures.


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