Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Two days before final exam, something unexpectable happened---our bangunan peperiksaan (BP, exam hall, which is actually a building) got burned! Don't know idea whose brilliant idea it is. The university didn't announce the reason behind this unfortunate event so we keep guessing.

Someone must have been too panic for not being able to finish his/her revision;

For fun...but April Fool was on 1st April, right?

Political reasons...ahh...there was this news on uni politics in the papers a few weeks ago;

Someone BBQ inside?

Ok, whatever the dumb reason is, I never "liked" the BP before. It is damn big that you have to keep a mental map of the location in order to get to the right spot to sit for your exam. There are too many entrances but you may only go through specific ones or else you will be chased out. That means more walking and sweating when you find your way through this maze.

After the fire, whether big or small, I'm not sure, I finally realise the goodness of this building of "horror", the warland between lecturers and students. The first and second paper was held in our own faculty's auditorium. Space was really narrow and there are no proper chairs and desks, only the typical auditorium seats where you have to turn this piece of wood or plastic on your right so that you put your paper and write on it. So, it was really uncomfortable. Really missed the spacious exam hall.

Besides that, all the faces you see are familiar. After all they are from your faculty, who else will you expect? When we have exams in the BP, we get to see students from all over UM, from law fac to medic fac, and from first year to final year. That will be much interesting, won't it? How come students from other faculties dress so nicely? Some girls put on makeup...wah...that's some effort, should ask the examiner to give them extra marks for colouring the day. Some guys dress smart too, some are overly done but most are like they just woke up from sleep. Well, everyone looks like that during exam period.

All in all, I miss the BP. Despite its distance from my residential college (20 minutes walk) and the freezing temperature (-5 degree Celcius) inside, I still enjoy having exams in this refridgerator. Yeah, two more papers to go and I'm gonna bring 2 jackets thr...yes, sounds very kiasu, but I don't want my fingers to be frozen until I can't write. I can even feel the cold in my feet which is covered by my socks and shoes. Some people claim that their pens don't work inside because the ink freezes.


At 1:10 AM, Blogger LiZaRdboi_88 said...

That's one heck of a news! Exam hall burned...

At 3:48 PM, Blogger Shan said...

just a small part of it...if the whole building was burned down, that is NEWS.


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