Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pseudoscience...or not?

I used to be an extremely perceptive person. I just realised that my mode of thinking has changed. Well, it comes from several aspects. A counselling student need not be so "scientific" but I just can't help to think logically like how I was trained in my science stream years.

Lately, I was informed that a researcher from Japan Masaru Emoto who has done some research on the crystalization of water that was exposed to positive regards such as "love and gratitude" and prayers will form beautiful shapes when frozen. On the other hand, the crystalization will look "ill" if the water is being cursed and devalued. The results awed many people because if it is real, that means water has "life" but of course if it's not sterile water, it'll surely has live i.e. microorganisms. But let's just put that aside, our body is made up of more than 70% of water. What will the consequences be, if we receive good meesages more than negative messages, will we be healthier and more beautiful?

Well, some people simply think that it's crap because they claim that not enough evidence was presented. Now, Evidence is important, especially in science. If a person wants to claim his/her studies to be scientific, he/her better be prepared with all those empirical data. But again, if the person is unethical, the results can be made up. My point is, whether this is true or not is not within what we can say until we are able to disprove it. Being a counselling student and most of the time using theories which are hard to measure (human's minds and emotions are uneasy to be measured), this is the principle which I will hold, at least for the time being. Until someone can disprove the hypothesis, what the researcher claim will still be true. Not that I believe in the hypothesis 100%, I don't have the time and equipment to carry out experiments (although it does not sound too complicated) to deny it.

So, for the time being, it's still an amazing experiment to me. I'm not sure about the water in our body, but I'm sure, psychologically, if we (normal human being) are being exposed to negative messages all the time, we'll get tired, and eventually become "ill" in whichever term that fits your understanding most. Words can kill or heal (quoted from Dr. Haslee). Then, why not let us say something good to others as much as we can, I mean there's nothing to lose. And you're doing a good thing to the world, making others happy. Of course not until the extend someone would think you're hypocrite. Therefore, you can call me naive, I just want to believe in nice things. I just believe good things will happen to anyone, with or without proof. Sometimes, believing it is what you have to do.

p.s. If you disagree with me, please share with me your thoughts, I'd really love to see from a different point of view.

By the way, Dr. Masaru Emoto be at PGRM, Cheras, on 23/4 (thu), 7.30pm to give a talk (on his research). You may go if you're interested.


At 3:01 PM, Blogger curryegg said...

Hey girl! Now you have reminded me about this. Well, I do agree that we can't accept a statement (especially when we can't use our senses) with no prove to back-up. That's why there are theories being developed.

However, if we wanna view a thing or incident spiritually, it will be a different saying. So, about the water thingy, I will make more research on that and it will be best if I can experience it myself.. :)

Agree: Words can kill or heal..

At 4:56 PM, Blogger Shan said...

Thanks for sharing your view. Haha...make sure you follow the scientific procedures or else will not be credible. Ok, next time whenever I see you, I'll say something good to u :D

At 3:36 PM, Blogger Dreams,Memories,Stories,Thoughts said...

hihi!i came across this famous Japanese's article from LOHAS(lifestyle of healthy and sustainability).At first I was amazed by his sayings.But I personally agree with that.Of course for those who wants to prove it ,I welcome.Haha,I am Humanaties student.Lazy to do research on these scientific fact...haha!but it's really wonderful!His book is "Water Knows the Answers-the Hidden Messages in Water Crystals".

At 9:38 PM, Blogger Shan said...

R u currently in KL? did u go to the talk? too bad i missed it...thanks for sharing. Ya, it's a very interesting topic to be explored in depth.

At 1:20 AM, Blogger Dreams,Memories,Stories,Thoughts said...

haha!me bac again!i am studying in USM,not in KL.^^I didnt go to his talk as I haven't finish my exam.yea,should be very interesting@why u miss his talk since you are so interested?

At 6:07 PM, Blogger Shan said...

hi, I wasn't thr because i hv an exam the next day plus no one accompanied me, so if i take a cab at night, it can be quite dangerous (not to say im reli not so familiar with cheras area).


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