Saturday, April 18, 2009

I was looking for a friend's name through the Facebook. Lately u'll find me logged on to it almost daily...oops~ it's study week, exam in not more than 2 days!!! However, this is not the main point, exam is just exam, what more?
The main reason I blogged is because, as i was searching for my friend's name, which i think is quite common, I suddenly got the idea to search for my own name. Guess what? There are actually 9 Bei Shans...yeah...mb around the globe wadsoever. Luckily we don't share the same surname. oK... My name ain't that special, but 9 is quite many too...anyhow, I know none of them, so just forget it. Next time when you've got nothing to do, u may try too. See how many people shares ur name. haha..


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