Saturday, May 28, 2005

Life in form 6-chapter 1

As I’ve promised you guys, I’m going to update soon, I hope by what I mean “soon” is soon enough for you guys. If you’re wondering what I’m doin recently, well, form 6 has started for 2 weeks (whilst the break is here again…hahaha), in St. Thomas’ school. It’s a very beautiful school (I think it’s also one of those schools with the most mirrors in Malaysia. NO bluffing, and I mean mirrors in every corner of the school, not only in the washrooms.), probably more beautiful than some of the colleges and it’s got an interesting history to tell too, as the earliest established school in Sarawak. As a matter of fact, the admin put in a lot of effort to welcome us newcomers during the first 3 days of school. There were talks and a treasure hunt. Talks were boring and frightening. They showed us statistics of students who had done well in SPM but did poorly in STPM. Stressful.
And have I mentioned the culture? Oh, I must not forget, interesting people. That is something to touch about besides the fancy gardens. Ya, the people. It’s a boys’ school, so the majority are males. Females can only be found in form 6 classes and in the staffroom. However, there’s this grey colour between black and white. The grey community contributes also quite a percentage in this school. I haven’t come out with a plan to do some survey yet but obviously, this fact is not some secret anymore (anyone who’ve been here should know lar). I don’t know the history or the factor of this “phenomena” but then it shall not be a distraction or whatsoever once we’re used to it. We (most of the newcomers) think they look (the way they dress themselves after school) and sound disgusting. Um…when I say sound disgusting, I mean they’re softer than girls and etc. I haven’t get to know one well yet but I don’t think discrimmination would stop me to know them better. Some Thomians (who has been studying in the school for the past years) even tease them. How hurting can that be?
Ok, enough of “sensitive” issues. About school life, teachers are actually not as strict as they first seem to be (but school rules are). I was caught for my long nails, coloured hair and neckless the first day I went to school. Ya, Neckless, hahahaha……that was what registered under the rules I’ve broken. How can a student without a neck harm the school, no point wah…but then it’s just a spelling mistake lar…should be spelled “necklace” and I don’t know what was filled in my mind that time when I wrote “neckless”. The PK Hem. even circled the error in the list (which makes my name more outstanding among the others’_) and corrected me. Therefore,I laughed non-stop while facing her. So, seeing the PK Hem isn’t THAT stressful. The same goes to the discipline teacher. She thinks my hair has not meet the “blackness” she wants after the first time I dyed it black. So she suggested me to buy the RM2 colour hair dye from the pasar malam. She claimed it to be very effective and that she had bought one before. I wanted to ask, “Teacher, no wonder your hair is sooooo black” hahaha…but I kept it to myself. I don’t want to be expelled from school yet, so better don’t take risk.
Oh yea, I spotted a few handsome guys in school =) heehee… that’s what we go to school for…
And I just finished an essay entitled “Life in form 6” during MUET class this morning. But this version is what the teacher shouldn’t be reading at. So, you guys, very lucky lor…hahaha


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