Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Can't Believe My previous post was 2 months ago!

I think I've been spending too much time on FB and Twitter that I almost abandon my blog. I feel so sorry that this occurs for many times. I still think I love my blog whenever it comes to writing emotional stuff and also some long winded descriptions of experience etc.

I really think I have changed over time. Especially when I talk to June today. She thinks I have changed over the sememester break. I'm surprised by this statement. I've always thought I'm still myself. The simple girl who as she used to be and continue being. But our close friends are usually our best mirrors. I shall find out why and how to maintain a balance :)

A new semester marks a beginning of many things. There's a list that I have to run through really soon. This sem seems like another busy sem for me, as they've normally been. I have some resolutions which I shall keep to and I really to enhance my self management and increase time efficacy.

I shall pat myself on the shoulder and be prepared for the great things to come with a smile :)


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