Saturday, May 01, 2010

The night I get to know myself better.

it was really proper english
with an american accent
it was really good english
with some hard vocab that was used

OMG...i thought i would speak really bad english...all grammar mixed up n stuff :D LOL

hahahaha.... but u talk super lots...
non stop talking

(now I know how much I actually love to talk although I can be extremely quiet sometimes)

So I asked how I was like when I got drunk. It was a historical moment because I never get to this stage. Some more I puked over 3 people. One on the hair, one at the back and another one don't know where. I've always thought I would speak bad English if I happen to be drunk but surprisingly, I didn't. I guess my teacher was right. If you need to learn one language which is not your mother tongue, you gotta encode it in your unconscious that even when you're dreaming, you dream in that language. I think I succeeded! WooHoo~ So that's maybe one of the nicer things which I think I know bout myself when I got drunk. So maybe, part of my collective unconscious, IS an American. I don't fake or act out the accent seriously. That's just how I speak although some people are really not used to it. It may not sound as friendly as Manglish (perhaps?)

Second thing. Now I seriously understand what they mean by "when a person is drunk, he/she will deny the fact that he/she IS drunk". In my case, I said something like
"I'm NOT drunk, but I think I'm drunk"
"Oh wait, I think I'm 50 50 drunk" (quoted Huey Ye: "CLASSIC")
I used to watch people get drunk and being carried away. I can't believe this day happens to me TOO. I even slept at the carpark at Huey Ye's home. They said I look so comfortable and reluctant to move. So the 4 "lucky" friends of mine circled me figuring what to do with me as a guy passed by. I think his monologue must be that I've always had when I see others get drunk.

Now, I really know how it's like to be drunk. REALLY. The memory stops after I get drunk. What happens after that was all extremely vague. When I woke up in the morning. The first thing that passes my mind was. "Gosh, I don't remember a thing after that scene. I must have been drunk!"
BINGO because I don't remember thanking everyone at the bar, I don't remember myself talking to the fat, dark bar manager, for more than 5 minutes, and that I sit by the roadside, mumbling non-stop, puked for 10 to 12 times etc.
I never knew I can actually puke because all these while as I never puke over alcoholic drinks, NOT even ONCE. And surprises me once I puke, it's 12 times. WOW!

One tricky thing is, my friends can't actually tell when I actually got drunk because even when I'm not drunk, I can look so "high". I love to take off my shoes and do crazy stuffs (even before I get drunk). So they end up thinking I was just being my normal self until I actually started vomitting. That's the only sign they can pick up.

They took video of me. They asked simple maths questions and my name and it seemed like I had no problem answering correctly. So maybe that's the sane part of me whilst drunk. Some of the few weird things that I said were "I'm ambitious" (gosh, not sure if I'll say that when I'm conscious) and "Sometimes, I need to be protected too" (well, maybe this is a manifestation of what I longed for). And I was protected, by my loyal friends. THANKFULLY I was with them. I could have been in deep trouble if I were not with the right company.

Nevertheless, I feel relieved. Now I know how it's like. Don't think I wana try it again. I'm glad my friends were really patient with me. True friends they are (they NEVER Imagine I would get drunk, SERIOUS) and handled me with care. Dropped me once though, and knocked my head. There's a small bun now and I asked Huey Ye after I finished bathing at her place. Discovered it while shampooing my hair.

I joked, as usual, that this is yet another "unvisited side" of me. Well. All ended up well. First time I get drunk, in my history 30th April, 2010. Aged 23 :D

UPDATE: Seong told me, the drunkard even gave them a lesson. She said, " Lesson, of the day, Don't overestimate yourself and drink more than you can take." @@


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