Sunday, September 13, 2009

13/09/09 *****

I feel so content today! I think I've treated my "inner child" well today. The past three days has been wonderful because I've spent time with members of CCC at the Pangkor trip. I feel revived when I played at the beach! The sand...the water...the waves...the sky...the sun...not to forget the laughters!

Today, I ran in the rain on the wet sands. I feel so great to be able to be sooooooooooo carefree again. At night, I attended a talk. I'll like to share a few insights I gained.

We all have something in common although we may have different goals and dreams in life. Although everyone is unique, our ultimate goal is to be happy. Think about all the things that we want or wish for. We want it because it makes us happy, isn't it so? And happiness is not just a goal, it's an on going process. One unhappy incident in life won't make a person unhappy forever because happiness can be accumulated.
We may also relate happiness with success. Which would you think is more important? While little successes in life may make us happy, some people who are successful in certain aspects are not happy people.
The speaker thinks that a sucessful person is a person who succeeds in every major components of his/her life.Life won't be complete if we only excel in certain parts right? May it be career, power, status, money, love, family, relationships, health, youth, or beauty. And a balance in life is so essential. I am glad I have realised this a long time ago. It's just that I am still working towards it. Perhaps it is the obastacles that I have encountered along the way which makes me negative sometimes. That's where the incongruence comes about.

Success is also something which needs to be recognised by others. Self-claiming success is not real success. So, that means it is something that everyone else agrees upon. Let's just put it as a word which we don't use to describe ourselves unless the recognition is so well no one will disagree.

Also, an achievement is much more valuable if it were to be shared with others. I am very lucky because I meet many people who are nice. Nice because they share a lot with me. Perhaps nice is too general a term, I should say, they have big hearts and beautiful personalities. I think I meet too many good people in life and I am truly grateful for that. And of course, I would like to acknowledge every one but the list will be too long. Some are even strangers. From all the personal experiences that I have gained so far, people are nice in general. That's why I can trust people easily. Sometimes the problem is not with the PERSON, it's only with the one particular behaviour, decision, thought, habit or maybe intention. And the problem not necessarily occurs continuously so it is quite unfair sometimes that we label people. Maybe we should only label the faulty thought or behaviour or speech or habit or intention. As a normal person, who doesn't make mistakes anyway?

So, let the past be the past. As long as you've tried hard enough, there shouldn't be anything to feel regret over. We're all responsible for our lives and the choices that we make to shape us into who we are today.

And if I substitute all the pronouns above to "I" and "my", my previous self-conflicts will eventually be resolved. This post sounds so random, just like the previous post. But after typing out the whole thing. I think I am much clearer about my priority now *tink* (enlightened) hohoho


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