Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's

Tomorrow will be Valentine's day. My room mate asked me if I have any programmes. Guess I'll just stay in college and rest. Afterall, I haven't recovered from my illness yet. Sometimes I think I'm getting weird because I don't have feelings towards festive seasons anymore. I remember myself bathing in the college's shower room when the clock ticked 12am to 1st January 2008. Anyhow it's just another day.
I read this article bout why people hate Valentine's day on the paper. These are some I can remember.

1. Nice restaurants are fully booked. Have to pay more for lousier food.
2. Have to light candles (which is kinda stupid)
3. Flowers are more expensive than usual. Can wait till midnight to buy cause there will be a 50% off (but mind you that you might be in great trouble if you do so)
4. Make sure you buy the right size, colour and pattern for lingerie and DON'T even look at the salesgirl's boobs when you enter the lingerie shop.
5.Presents are damn expensive but don't expect you'll get one because you're a guy (poor thing)
6.You'll faint of dissapointment if your girlfriend whom you want to propose gives you a big NO in your face when you show her a diamond ring.

1. You have to act like you're really happy this day otherwise people will think that your relationship with your boyfriend is bad.
2. When you see happy couples on the street, you feel jealous, wondering why other people are happier than you.
3. You'll not be happy even though you receive flowers or cards anonymously because that guy might look like a toad.
4. You'll get frustrated if the person you hate most receives precious presents but complain bout it to you.
5. I forgot the 5th one...let's just skip la,can?
6. You'll faint due to dissappointment when the guy whom you thin is your Mr. Right sends nothing to you but a tasteless Valentine's card.

Sounds not fun right? Like nothing to be celebrated...but still, enjoy if you think the above doesn't apply to you and don't be sad if you feel that this day is not for you as you're not the only person who feels so ;-)


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