Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I hate being sick

I am not feeling well again. I worry that I’ll fall sick because this is the Nth time I get sick in KL within such a short time here. It all started with dust falling into my eyes, I couldn’t stand the itch but to keep rubbing them until they become red and watery. They were still red the next morning so I wondered if I should still go to lecture. Then, my nose started runnning and I felt a bit dizzy. Throat feels dry too. I took some vitamin C before I rushed to lecture (I'm a good and responsible student,you see). I don’t think it helped a lot but I just want to ensure that my immune system can withstand the evil microbs which intend to invade me. I can’t fall sick at this point as I have assignments lining up, drama practices, “xiang sheng”(相声) practices and a test on next Tuesday.

Am I doing direct selling now? No...

Actually my mum bought them for me. Got sale? Don't think so. I didn’t understand why she is willing to spend so much to buy these supplementary food for me.

But….. which mother won’t be worried if her daughter’s wrist is merely an inch thick, which is thinner than this Developmental Psychology reference book.

Or the diameter of the wrist being less than the sum of 2 twenty cent coins?

Are these the results of poor food?

Doesn’t look nutritious, right?

But it’s got nothing to do with the thinness of my wrist. After I took the measurement, I finally understand why my form six teacher used to suspect me of having Aneroxia Nervosa.
However, the food still sucks compared to these.

So, that worsens my condition.

Don’t worry because I receive love and care from my mum and friend. Shu Huan gave me 2 packets of herbal tea to fight the evils that make me sick.
I think this will be sufficient for now because I hate to see the doctor.


At 9:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

har??that is the food tat u guys eat avday har??
hehe...i shud appreaciate my uni food lei...:P

At 1:09 PM, Blogger Shan said...

not everyday lar...sometimes better, have chicken. i chose the worse one to show how bad it really is...hahaha


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