Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wishing List (revised)

Saw this wishing list at the user profile. Was actually thinking of using it but is a shopping list in disguise. Not everything can be bought, dear blogger.
So this is my wishing list for the time being:

1) I wish I can have a nicer layout for my blog.
2) I wish I learn how to edit photoes using computer software.
3) I wish I don't have dark circles.
4) I wish my skin is FLAWLESS.
5) I wish I can get JPA scholarship (the money is a lot more compared to that offered by SPA)
6) I wish I get lots of angpaus (gosh,why am I still so childish?)
7) I wish I read more books.

Okla...enough for the time being. Will update again hehe...

After a few days, I remember the things I want to have:
1) A new bag (nice one)
2) A new and pretty wallet (optional)
3) A super-duper ultra durable umbrella (essential)
4) A good foundation (one that can cover the flaws of my face)
5) A bolster (no wonder I feel something's missing on my bed)


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