Sunday, February 03, 2008

A birthday that I never had

It was my 21st birthday yesterday. I went to have some Sarawakian laksa with my uncle, aunty and sister that morning at Bangsar. After that, we wnet to Bangsar Village where aunty bought me a shiny handbag. That was my first birthday present for this year. After that I walked around Bukit Bintang area hoping to buy something for myself as I feel rather sad for not receiving many gifts. With that, I have a good reason to pamper myself. HOWEVER, I didn't spend money as crazily as I planned to. I bought a bracelet for myself n several for my friends. Wierd, I thought, why do I think of giving out gifts for others during my own birthday. But I didn't care, just enjoy the feeling of buying all the small small things. Then, my sister gave me a treat at Secret Recipe. I must say the service there made the unhappy birthday girl felt even worse. Forget all those, as the worse is yet to come.
It poured heavily after we'd eaten. I was worried because I still have to rush back to college by 6.30pm. Then I realised my handphone's battery was running low, so I had to change mine with my sister's (I left my charger at my aunty's place as I stayed overnight there). The only lucky thing that happen to me that day is that I brought an umbrella with me which enabled me to go back to college without looking like a mad person. As I sat in the bus from the LRT station to University, I thought, OK, this ticket that has my birthday on it will be a souvenir I give to myself. If I take all the sms as my birthday presents, I actually have more than a dozen of them. So, nevermind, I told myself. Too bad unlucky events didn't stop there. My sis's phone got blocked because I didn't knoe the password. Had to call her through public phone. After that my SIM card got blocked because I entered the pin for the phone instead of the SIM as I was too anxious. Through all the fuss that frustrated me so much, I got my time through the rehearsal.
I flew back as I really miss my bed. After a nice shower, Chee Weh (a senior) called me.
"Hey, why you left the stage so soon? You're suppose to stay for the meeting!"
"OK, I'll come down later."
"Make sure you do."
So, I took my sweet time because I purposely want to.
Someone knocked on my door. Then I opened.
Ta' DA~ iT WAS Shu Huan! With a cake!
"Where's your room mate?"
"One went to bro's home, one practising chinese yoyo"
"Hold on."
"OK." Yeah~ Finally I get one official birthday cake this year. Made my birthday sound more like a birthday.
So, Shu Huan woke her room mate, Suk Shing who was half asleep that time just to sing me a birthdy song, how sweet! When they started, one was English version and the other was in Mandarin. They stared at each other and decided to sing the English one. Ha, so happy. Since my mood was so good already, I decided to go down for the "meeting".
To my surprise, I have half a cake (because I share it with my college mother, Yee Chia whose birthday falls on the same day with me).
Conclusion, happy ending.


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