Tuesday, February 26, 2008

MAK 07/08

MAK (Malam Anugerah Kurshiah) is one of the biggest event in 3rd college which will be held annually. It's an award-giving dinner for us to show our appreciation to those who contribute to our college. It is divided into 2 phases because there are so many awards to be given away. Although I'm also a courteous resident, I don't receive any awards. However, I don't deserve the starvation while waiting for the event to begin either.
Phase 1-Venue: Dewan Makan Kolej, Time: 8pm, Theme: Floral
The event actually started at 9pm because many people come down late. Had dinner at 10.30pm. Queued for 15 minutes before I got my food. I ate like a horse that night. After that I tranformed back to human form and took some pictures. Some of the girls really looked like floral princesses whereas most of them wore baju kurung,rather disappointing. The performance was only so so.

Phase 2-Venue: JW Marriott Putrajaya, Time: 8pm, Theme: Black White Red Gold
My room mates and I went on the bus around 3.30pm, and arrived at the hotel around four something. Wondered why the committee arranged the bus so many hours before the dinner. We decided not to waste time so we brought some books with us. Too bad we didn't read up much because we were busy taking photoes. I didn't count how many photoes I've taken but I took many with the pretty girls of our college. Some are still in my friends' cameras now. Will collect all and see later on because everyone is busy with PTH now.

Waiting for Huey Ye as she became the makeup artist for a few girls. So this is the really spacious changing room where girls were busy making up. Only a few can be as free as we are.
The 2 of us with sour faces are losing patience. Guess it's time to get some fresh air outside.

Yeah~ Oxygen~

Pose of the day >.<
So, more photo taking which is the only thing we enjoy throughout the night. food was bad. Here are some pictures with some pretty girls. There are too many of them so I'll show only a few.



Guys must be jealous of me...
Or him?
Why so few handsome guys?
Sigh~ the ratio of guys to girls in this college is 1:3


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